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Budget Statement 2018

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Meet Trinidad & Tobago’s first outsourcing company

We are your outsourcing and advisory services provider for your business in the Caribbean region. At Aegis, we help you effectively manage and simplify your business operations so that you can focus and expand on what you do best.

Aegis can get you started with our Corporate Secretarial and Financial Advisory services and ensure compliance to efficiently manage your Accounts, Tax and Payroll. We help your leaders deliver business performance with our Human Resource and Internal Audit services. You can also ask us what you need and we do our best to assist or direct you to the right place. Select your choice below.

Simplify Your Operations

Our services can help you better manage your back office operations so that you can get organised, identify gaps, improve efficiencies and run reports to analyse and maximise your return on investment.

Expand Your Business

Foreign investors rely on us to help them set up and operate effectively in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean. For local businesses, we help you reduce costs and better manage more than one office so that you can focus on selling.

Ensure Compliance

The ever increasing changes in corporate governance and regulation and the added pressure to remain profitable has placed pressure on businesses. We navigate your business in line with local and regulatory requirements.