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Financial Transaction and Appraisal Services

The Aegis Financial Advisory team specialises in valuations, acquisitions, divestments, restructuring, and other investment and financing services.

Our value proposition lies in our understanding of the inherent humanity behind the transaction.

Our core services focus on:

  • Financing
  • Due Diligence
  • Valuations
  • Sale of Business


Whether equity or debt financing, business leaders have a clear idea of their projected achievements and what is necessary to meet these targets. Developing a business plan based on these, one that specially appeals to banks and other financiers is where Aegis can be of use to your company.

After years of serving clients and addressing specialised needs, we are able to leverage the required specialist language that generates the banks’ interest. We support financiers in understanding the key ingredients of your business proposal so that they can undertake their risk versus reward evaluations.

This includes:

  • The preparation of business plans and prospectuses
  • Outlining your history and highlighting your leadership
  • Presenting persuasive but realistic financial forecasts
  • Showing your understanding of risk management culture and other parameters necessary to inform potential investors and creditors

Crucially, we can also assist you in identifying potential investors or financiers for your project.

Due Diligence

Potential buyers need to be made aware of the risks associated with a target acquisition, in order for them to determine whether or not they should proceed. Sellers need to be reassured that an interested buyer has the necessary resources to move forward.

Aegis’ highly customisable Due Diligence service is geared towards flexibility and the fulfilment of individual client needs.

We harness our negotiating expertise and influence, together with the strength of our client, to make as much information as necessary available and to remove barriers to vital intelligence.

Our service covers:

  • Financial
  • Operational and IT
  • Legal/Regulatory (Compliance)
  • Human Resources issues
  • Environmental

We conduct due diligence for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as publicly-quoted conglomerates, both domestically and regionally.


Our Business Valuation service stands among the most respected in the industry, reflecting our passion and years of service. Our work can be held to global standards of quality and efficiency, as many of our team members hold internationally-recognised qualifications. Additionally, our valuations and appraisals are in compliance with the principles and reporting requirements of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA).

As a potential investor, your primary concern is the projected performance of the enterprise(s) in which your interest lies.

In supporting these expectations, the final valuation report on your target will make clear and apparent the following criteria:

  • Justification for the methodology chosen
  • The assumptions into the financial projections
  • The cost of capital (where applicable)

Aegis arrives at a solid basis for such pricing recommendations after thorough research aided by robust models to determine the value of ownership within the local and regional environment.

Sale of Business

Our Sale of Business service begins with a thorough understanding of the asset marked for disposal. Once we come to sufficiently understand you, the client, we tailor our process to best meet your individual needs.

Among these efforts would include the preparation of teaser documents, the use of a virtual data room, and the preparation and/or distribution of confidential information memoranda.

Upon receipt of bids, we assist with both the evaluation and deal closing. We also provide follow-up services on the completion of a sale.