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Our Responsibilities
Aegis recognizes and embraces our duty to behave ethically and contribute to economic growth while assisting in the overall development and welfare of our employees and society at large.

Valuing Our People



Valuing Our People

Training & Education

At Aegis, we pride ourselves in ensuring our professionals are qualified and stay abreast in any changes to international standards. We ensure our professionals are qualified or are attaining the required accreditation for their service area. Additionally, from Business Writing to Office Etiquette, employees are provided with free task-based training as well as coaching on issues that don’t necessarily fall within functional range but which are relevant to personal growth and development.

Building communities

Aegis team members volunteer their time to form social clubs, societies and committees. Beyond diminishing departmental boundaries these institutions operate to encourage employees and their families to invest in their physical wellness and financial futures and foster the premise that charity begins at home. Some of the clubs formed since the company’s inception are: Aegis Investment Club, Aegis Credit Union Corporative Society, Aegis Social Events Club and Aegis Charity Committee

Supporting Cultural Ethnic & Religious Diversity

Our Aegis Team are encouraged to express their individualism and celebrate in all holiday festivities, food and cultural dress in Trinidad and Tobago. Diversity is important to us as it is this dynamism of our workforce that enables our company’s ability to adapt to changes in clients’ needs; understand opinions and formulate solutions. “We believe that every idea counts.

Supporting Our Community

Helping Out Wherever We Can

Aegis avidly endorses its responsibility as a successful organization, to give back to the wider community. In addition to regular financial sponsorships and donations to a variety of organizations, Aegis supports education and literacy programmes and institutes, sports foundations, religious associations and professional bodies.

We support the following organizations:

Foundation for the Enrichment and Enhancement of Life (FEEL)
The Foundation for the Enhancement and Enrichment of Life (FEEL) is a registered charitable organisation established in 1992. We are an umbrella Civil Society Organisation (CSO) which distributes foodstuff, clothing, shoes, hygiene, medical, household, school and disaster relief supplies to our CSO partners and individuals across Trinidad and Tobago.

Since 1992 we have worked in communities to assist in the areas of poverty alleviation, disaster relief and recovery education and capacity building, and medical support.

Kids in Need of Direction (KIND)
KIND’s focus is the assistance of the less fortunate and “at risk” children in our society. KIND has successfully helped hundreds of disadvantaged children and youth to live happier, healthier, more productive lives by providing high quality literacy classes, counselling for individual children and their families, parenting workshops, daily life skills lectures, motivational workshops and skill development programmes.

The children of Trinidad and Tobago continue to be our primary goal and our main focus is to assist in the development of our country’s most precious resources by ensuring that they are given the tools to become responsible, happy adults.

Bridge of Hope
Bridge of Hope was established in 1998 to provide a home environment for disadvantaged children to grow and develop in. The aim is to create a loving family atmosphere for children between the ages of 6 months to 18 years. The home is striving to become a model providing shelter, food, clothing and education to abandoned and abused children.
Music Literacy Foundation
The Trust has been quietly and effectively assisting youths to develop their musical talent, both locally and in international educational institutions. Some other successful initiatives of the Trust have involved the preservation of original local music in various projects such as The Rainmakers collaboration between Golden Hands Steel Orchestra and the University of the West Indies Percussion Ensemble), Ray Holman’s Changing Timeand Dr. Jit Samaroo’s OriginalNotesproductions. The Music Literacy Trust, in conjunction with the UWI Department of Creative and Festival Arts, produced the Musicanova National Competition which recognizes composers of original music for steelpan. The Trust and UWI also partnered with Methanex Trinidad Limited in staging the first ‘Symphony and Steel’ competition, attracting musicians internationally in creating original scores which are being used in UWI’s music education program.
TGN Media (part of Social Justice Foundation)
The Social Justice Foundation is a registered non-governmental organisation whose mission is to bring social justice to rural and disadvantaged youth through introducing them to the discipline, profession and opportunities of Communications technology – specifically via video production. Some of the organization’s key programmes to date include The Good News Programme – an intake programme that trains youth in video production and it also introduces TGN Media, next generation video – a new entrepreneurial business for graduates of the intake programme.
Foundation for Human Development
The Foundation for Human Development offers a variety of workshops that foster the well being of individuals; help bring about behavioral change through insight and critical reflection; help adults develop personal and interpersonal strengths needed to meet the challenges of caring and educating the young; help develop a responsible relationship with the world of work; improve human relationships and develop a spirit of community.
Mayaro Initiative for Private Enterprise Development (MIPED)
MIPED’s mission is to develop Mayaro and environs into a model community, creating self-sustaining employment, improving training and business opportunities to help build self-esteem and improve the quality of life.
Living Water Community
Living Water’s Community social efforts are wide and varied. Several residences provide services to young men (Marion House); children (Our Lady of the Wayside Halfway House), hospice for the terminally ill, homeless and displaced (Caring Centre) drug rehabilitation (New Life Ministries). In addition Fountain of Hope offers remedial education, warehousing and distribution of food. In recent time the organization has been given responsibility for refugee claimants in Trinidad & Tobago.
Adult Literacy Tutors Association (Alta)

The Adult Literacy Tutors Association is a non-profit organization in existence since 1992. It provides the only comprehensive, structured, adult literacy programme in Trinidad and Tobago. Over the last decade it has trained literacy tutors in St Vincent, Antigua and Grenada, with an adult literacy programme using the ALTA approach and materials currently operating in Grenada.  https://alta-tt.org/

The Lydians
The Lydians is a non-profit organization composed of singers, musicians, performers and others who are interested in the presentation of good choral and other music through a programme of regular rehearsals and concerts.  The choir has made history and established a global brand for Trinidad and Tobago and has shown prowess at the T&T Music Festival. The organisation  has achieved one of the nation’s most prestigious awards – The Hummingbird Medal – Gold, for loyal and devoted service in the sphere of singing.
St. Vincent de Paul
The St Vincent de Paul Society is a lay Catholic organisation that aspires to the gospel message by serving the poor through love, respect and justice.
We take responsibility for the environment in which we operate. We recognize that managing our buildings efficiently and minimizing our greenhouse gas emissions are not only beneficial to the environment but also make good business sense. Over the years, a wide range of measures have been put in place to achieve energy consumption savings which include reducing the use of air conditioning after working hours, recycling of paper and proper recycling of ink toners, cartridges and electronics.