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Network & Cyber Security

Test your organizations cyber resilience

BCP/DRP Development

Be prepared in the event of a disaster ensure your systems and processess are robust

IT Auditing

Identify weakness in IT processes & controls and prevent unnecessary risk by adopting industry baseline standards

PBX Development and Deployment

Full scale deployment and configuration of functional corporate PBX systems

Meeting Management Services

Leveraging Technology to host your AGM’s and other business-related meetings

Microsoft 365 Deployment

Professional migration and deployment of Microsoft 365 environments.

Network & Cyber Security Services

Maturity Assessments – A comprehensive assessment which seeks to identify the cyber maturity of an organization by evaluating the results and recommendations of dependent assessments. These dependent assessments include (vulnerability assessments and penetrations testing). The purpose is to provide a report based on strategic direction that illustrates current state maturity.

Penetration testing – As the scope of threats continues to increase, its important to remain proactive in one’s cyber defense and remediation. Our penetration testing service and assessment will employ techniques and tools used by threat actors to identify areas of weakness in the cyber environment. A comprehensive report is generated at upon completion to serve as direction for continued remediation.

Vulnerability Assessments – Cyber Security assessments which seek to identify existing vulnerabilities and weaknesses within the your infrastructure that can be leveraged by threat actors.

Firewall Review – This assessment involves the review of firewall device configurations, logs, and vulnerability/breach identification processes and indicators.

Social Engineering – As the cyber security landscape and threat actors becomes more creative, it is important to periodically assess how effective user awareness initiatives are and if there are any gaps in awareness training. Different campaigns and social engineering efforts are formulated based on the client’s environment, to gain unauthorized access.

User Awareness Training – Clients are given access to a comprehensive training portal that can be managed and administered, providing reports and data on user progress.

BCP/DRP Planning

This service seeks to develop a BCP or Disaster recovery plans that can fulfil the immediate needs of the organization and meet industry standards to help with the continuation of services.

IT Auditing

A detailed evaluation of a company’s IT policies, procedures, and processes to ensure they meet industry standards. We will work alongside your company’s staff to acquire necessary information to meet scoped deliverables. The risk within the audit will be evaluated against vendor-based frameworks and your current state cyber maturity.

PBX Development and Deployment

An on-premises implementation of industry standard corporate telephone phone systems.

This is inclusive of the following:

  • Defining the scope of the intended implementation.
  • Identification of necessary infrastructure and options to host the PBX system.
  • Configuration of various hunt-groups, call routes and route-based preferences based on cost or other identified metrics.
  • The provisioning of handsets and softphones for desktop and mobile apps.
  • The enforcement of various hardening techniques and security features within the system

Meeting Management Services

We relieve you of the burden of planning and coordinating all aspects of your annual meeting. For some companies, they still refer this to as their annual general meetings (AGMs)

We work with listed companies, Credit Unions, Association and Chambers. We will seamlessly integrate your in-audience and virtual presence whilst ensuring compliance with your regulatory requirements

• Meeting co-ordination and logistic management
• Online election (virtual ballot) services
• Digital marketing and streaming
• Corporate governance advisory services

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    Microsoft 365 Implementation

    Aegis has the experience and expertise with operational implementation of Microsoft 365 services within corporate environments.

    This service entails the follow:

    • Implementation of Office 365 Application Suite
    • Implementation of Exchange Online
    • Implementation of synchronization using on prem AD
    • Implementation of OneDrive for Business
    • Implementation of Microsoft Teams
    • Implementation of Proper Security and Governance Best Practices
    • Implementation of Adequate software and licensing