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What drives retrenchment and how best to handle it?

Download our Aegis Biz hour presentation on retrenchment and severance to learn more.
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Your Outsourced Human Resource Team

Every employee has one ultimate goal, one reason for being on your team – to play their part in helping you achieve your mission, vision, strategy and goals.

Our job at Aegis is to make sure you have the right person in the right role contributing to the overall success of your business.

We’ll partner with you to manage either your entire Human Resource function, or just specific aspects.

Aegis is the largest and most established HR outsourcing company in Trinidad and the Caribbean.

Here’s how we can help:

HR Strategy – Planning and Projection

The size and skills of your workforce must be matched to your strategic and organisational goals, whether you’re just setting up or simply expanding.

Our accurate projection models and deep understanding of the skills and labour market can help you hire more accurately for the benefit of your Company’s growth.

We also forecast and plan employee development, helping you to stay on the competitive edge of your industry.

HR Audit, Policies and Procedures

Aegis reviews your Human Resource policies and procedures already in place.

Are there loopholes that need to be plugged or outdated procedures that leave you vulnerable? Are you up-to-date with current legislation?

An HR Audit presents you with the clearest picture of your current employment practices. It highlights areas for improvement and excesses that may be draining your resources.

Does your HR Manual fit with your strategic plan for growth?

If not, we would compile one based on insights gained in the HR audit.

You would then be prepared to deal with Human Resource issues based on established guidelines.

Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment is time-consuming. We manage the entire process for many of our clients.

This could involve:

  • Choosing the most effective recruiting channels for your company
  • Implementing the best applicant tracking system
  • Screening Resumes
  • Scheduling interviews
  • Processing new employees

Only the talent most qualified to contribute to your Company’s success, and best suited to your culture will be presented to decision-makers.

Compensation Surveys

An Aegis Compensation Survey shows how you compare with other businesses in a similar industry and area. It measures if your compensation costs are in line with your current financial status and projected revenue.

Aegis will recommend salary scales, and negotiate Benefit packages in line with your budget and current economic conditions.

A valuable benefits package helps reduce company costs associated with turnover, attrition, and re-hiring.

Companies with unionised employees want to be in a good position to renegotiate and retain staff when it’s time to renew a Collective Bargaining Agreement.

You’ve invested time, effort, and training in your team. That’s why your competitors would be happy to take them from you.

Make sure they don’t get the benefit of your investment.

Training, Development and Performance Improvement

Aegis will work with your organization’s strategic goals to tailor specific training and development programs for your organization’s needs.

A well-designed training program enables you to:

  • Forges strong employer-employee relationships
  • Supports fair employment practices
  • Develops structure and implements individual development
  • Prepares aspiring employees for supervisory or management positions
  • Produces efficient and motivated individuals who outperform their competitors

We also coordinate new employee orientation and training, health and safety and soft skills training.

Employee Satisfaction – Surveys and Focus Groups

Employees enjoy high morale and job satisfaction when their opinion counts.

Because our surveys and focus groups are fair, transparent, and customised to your internal culture, no one feels uncomfortable or singled out.

We first meet with your leaders to find out:

  • The reasons for the survey
  • What problems might exist
  • Strategic goals
  • What the survey must achieve
  • Specific areas where improvement is needed

The results will reinforce the positive; identify gaps or potential weaknesses; and highlight areas for improvement.

Employee Engagement Services

More now than ever before, companies are seeking ways to improve employee engagement, particularly those team members that work remotely in this current environment.

Starting with initial consultation meetings, we get an understanding of your corporate culture and assess your current engagement strategies to devise and implement a plan that will produce a win-win outcome for both your organisation and employees.

Engagement is strongly tied to employee motivation, loyalty, productivity and performance.  Our approach to employee engagement will adopt a holistic model, tailored to your needs and resources.



Compliance and Industrial Relations

Not sure if your employment policies and practices are compliant with labour laws and Acts?

There are many Acts within employment law in Trinidad and Tobago and it takes specialist knowledge to understand which would be applicable in a particular situation.

We help prevent costly mistakes that could end up before a Labour Relations Tribunal.

When foreign workers are contracted, we handle all documentation, including work permits.

This includes keeping your local HR records updated and relevant.

Retrenchment, Severance, and Outplacement Advisory

If your company faces this difficult decision, Aegis can handle the matter from beginning to end.

We mediate between yourself and the affected employee(s), even attending the crucial meeting where notice is given, to make sure you are not compromised in any way.

We design the termination letter(s) and handle all background admin.

Aegis can also negotiate with The Board of Inland Revenue on your behalf, since severance payments have to be approved by them.

If, for some reason, the matter must go before the Industrial Court, Aegis has close relationships with specialist consultants who attend on your behalf, under our guidance.

HR Audits

In today’s economy, procedures and legislations are constantly changing which can leave your business frustrated and exposed. 

Aegis will conduct an HR Audit to systematically review all aspects of human resources policies and procedures, to help you manage these human resources challenges utilizing established industry-standard guidelines and procedural framework, leaving you to effectively manage your business. 

Job Evaluations

Using our years of experience in leading job evaluations, we help you review, define and compare job roles across your organisation. We evaluate the role, not the person. We ensure your job roles are on par with the market and is aligned to your core objectives.

Benefits to outsourcing your Human Resource functions to Aegis:

You’ll have specialised HR professionals with extensive experience on your team

You can focus on your core business while we manage the entire employee life cycle

You’re always assured of compliance with local laws and relevant Acts

With Aegis by your side, you have the best chance of attracting and retaining top talent


Aegis translates current Health and Safety regulations into safe working conditions across your organisation.

We design and implement H&S training and awareness programs that promote best practices.

This reduces workplace injuries that result in absences and loss of productivity, and could lead to prosecution.


Minimise your exposure to allegations of unfair employment practices.

We identify, investigate, and help resolve workplace issues that, if dealt with in the wrong way, could progress all the way to Industrial Court.

Our knowledge of current legislation and vast mediation experience will often prevent a situation from spiraling out of control.