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Our Chairman Angela Lee Loy joined today’s business outsourcing expert webinar entitled, “Migrating to a Faster, Leaner Financial Services Outsourcing Model” which provided great insight for companies considering setting up a nearshore financial services support operation in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean.

Hosted by Nearshore Americas, a market consulting and analysis firm focused on nearshore technology services in LATAM region and investment agency, Trinidad and Tobago International Financial Center (TTIFC), the session provided valuable feedback on doing business in T&T.

Guest speakers included international firms, Alan Stevenson, OCO Global and Paul Anselmo, Evolve Mortgage Services who shared their experience setting up and working in the T&T market.

Here are some of the comments shared about Trinidad and Tobago as a nearshore BPO destination:

  • Technology, skills and education are similar to the US system as well as the financial services approach
  • The incubation office space provided by TTIFC helps make the transition seamless working with a remote workforce
  • Similar timezone as the US as well as relatively similar cultures compared to other areas around the world were also key advantages of doing business in Trinidad and Tobago
  • The flexible culture and adaptability is also an asset as employees adapt to changing technology and systems
  • Proximity to South America is a bonus advantage and perhaps bi-lingual needs would be a greater need for some companies.
  • With good training, remote work options for employees can be effective and will reduce the need for real estate.
  • It’s only a short flight between the US and Trinidad and Tobago should business leaders need to visit frequently.
  • English as a first language is also well-received and this coupled with the culture and education makes it easier to attract and retain employees as the company develops within country.

Any questions related to this session or setting up your own company in the Caribbean, contact us at info@aegistt.com