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Aegis new partnership supporting clinicians to better understand domestic violence.
Why Women Stay: The Back Story , 27 May 2020
Aegis is pleased to be  partnering with Dr. Linda Hadeed, psychologist on delivering a conference and training entitled, Why Women Stay: The Back Story, May 27-28 at Queen’s Hall for clinicians to better understand the psychology of intimate partner abuse in more depth.
Why women stay in abusive relationships is highly complex and we believe we must work together to provide the training for our local clinicians to better support our women in the Caribbean.

Unless the psychology of the partners is factored in, measures or programs in our country for treatment are likely to fail. 

Please see attached flyer. If you know any companies or clients who may be interested in supporting a ticket or two for our local clinicians to attend, contact us at info@aegistt.com.

This one-day conference will provide a different dimension to how we view partner abuse and provide a psychotherapeutic model for intervention.

We are partnering with Dr. Linda Hadeed through advisory support and raising awareness. Follow on social and check out their Facebook  page @WhyWomenStay