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In celebration of International Women’s Day 2023, our Aegis Chief of Operations, Aleema Ogeer-Ali shares her key takeaways from the Amcham Trinidad and Tobago, Women’s Leadership Conference held last week Friday.

The session Dare to Lead was great as the panellists of female leaders across industries discussed the importance of self-forgiveness, courage, and knowledge sharing to become the best leader. These are great reminders!

 Here are top 4 tips we need to keep in our back pockets:

  • Let go of the fear of failure.
  • Take advantage of opportunities presented.
  • Stressed the importance of training, coaching, and mentoring your team.
  • Have an open mind and never stopping learning as essential aspects of challenging yourself to do something difficult and requiring courage.

I particularly enjoyed Aliyah Ali’s example of shattering the gender stereotypes as the General Manager of Proman was highlighted as a successful way to lead. Her leadership showed that performance-based metrics are key to the sustainability of any organisations regardless of gender. She is an expert at what she does, she understood how her division fed into the entire business and the value chain of the business. You must understand what your team contributes to the business and communicate this to them consistently.

In addition, as a leader, it is essential to be able to communicate the company’s vision to the team. Although it is not necessary to be in senior management to promote this vision – if one works for a company and lives its values, they will naturally lead within their team.

During the panel discussion, one of the panellists highlighted the importance of role-playing to help better understand a situation from another person’s perspective, which brings in empathy and this helps in the workplace. It’s critically important to keep in mind the perspectives of your team.

Amcham has a Women in Leadership Mentorship Programme. Learn more here AMCHAM T&T – Women In Leadership Mentorship Programme (amchamtt.com)

Learn more about our COO, Aleema Ogeer-Ali here Aleema Ogeer-Ali, FCCA, CA — Aegis Outsourcing & Advisory Services, Trinidad & Tobago (aegistt.com)