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We are inviting companies to participate in our 2021 Employee Benefits Survey in Trinidad and Tobago. If your HR department is interested in taking part, please email us at events@aegistt.com and we can include you in our company listing.

As you are aware, many businesses have adopted more flexible approaches to employee remuneration and benefits in order to manage labour costs during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.

As a result, Aegis will be conducting a national benefits survey to gain insight into current and future trends for financial and non-financial benefits across all industries.


Some insights we aim to gather for you are:

  • What changes have organisations made to benefits packages since the pandemic?
  • How have adjustments to employee benefits impacted organisations’ ability to attract and retain talent?
  • What are the most popular benefits currently being offered across all industries?
  • What are some unique benefits currently being offered?
  • How do benefits vary among different levels of staff within different industries?
  • Which benefits provide a significant competitive advantage for available talent?
  • How will benefits change in the future?
  • How does benefits trends in Trinidad & Tobago compare to global and regional trends?

We do hope that you will be able to participate in this survey and provide important feedback that can inform human resource strategies and policies in Trinidad and Tobago. All participants will receive a 25% discount on the first purchased copy of the Employee Benefits Survey.


Please reply to events@aegistt.com by November 20th, 2020 to confirm your participation. You can also connect us to your HR Manager directly and we can update them.