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Port of Spain Office

Dear Clients and Colleagues,

We understand this is currently a difficult time for you and your staff as the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak is felt more acutely across the Caribbean region. Aegis is focused on developing solutions to continually support you during this challenging time. We understand your business may be faced with a difficult decision of reducing your team due to the inability to maintain normal operations.

We want to ensure you have the support to manage any retrenchment exercises using best practices and make certain your staff is treated with utmost care during this time. Aegis is able to handle the retrenchment process compliant with sound industry standards and good industrial relations practices in Trinidad and Tobago.

Additionally, we can mediate with your teams, attend important virtual meetings and ensure the process is planned and well-managed including, handling all documentation (as required under the Retrenchment and Severance Benefits Act, 1985) and all administrative responsibilities to acquire the severance approval from the Board of Inland Revenue on your behalf, as this is a requirement before severance is paid to the affected employee(s).

More importantly, we encourage and guide businesses to handle layoffs in a responsible manner with empathy and dignity to its valued employees.

If for any reason an issue is escalated to the Industrial Court, our experienced Industrial Relations’ Specialists are ready and capable to support you on your behalf.

If you would like to discuss your business further before resorting to this exercise, please feel free to contact us at info@aegistt.com or call at 625-6474.

We remain committed to you during this extraordinary time and will continue to keep you regularly updated on changes we receive from government agencies.


From your business outsourcing team, Aegis