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The amnesty on the late filing of the Return of Beneficial Interest in the Shares of a Company ends on 30th September 2020.If you need help completing this process, please let us know by the 30th August.

Please note that in accordance with the Companies (Amendment) Act, 2019, failure to meet this requirement by the due date will result in the company, every director and officer and the  shareholder/beneficial owner being liable to a fine of TT$10,000 and 3 years  imprisonment, plus TT$300 for each day your documents remain outstanding.

  • The Beneficial Owner is the natural person who is the ultimate owner of the company, or the natural person who exercises control over the company.
  • This requirement applies to locally incorporated limited liability companies only (not externally registered companies).

In March of this year, we hosted an informational event on Understanding Beneficial Ownership – feel free to download slides here

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