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Behind every company are the amazing staff who make the company operate smoothly and successfully. What if they had a platform to share their knowledge with others? That’s exactly what Aegis’ and Unicomer’s management team have done. Together, they have joined forces to deliver business mentoring webinars and advice to entrepreneurs and small businesses and it will begin on Aegis Instagram Live, ‘Biz to Biz’ series. The program will eventually extend to Aegis #SmallBiz Facebook group and Biz Hour zoom webinar sessions.

“It’s a step in the right direction and we are definitely testing new territory as a management team on social media but we are open to the new learning opportunities and knowledge sharing this online community can bring. The idea is to deliver business to business mentoring and support on all topics of business and provide practical steps that an entrepreneur can implement to improve and grow their business. We are pleased Unicomer has joined us in this initiative.” says Aegis Business Development Manager, Melissa Cobham


All the business sessions are free and Unicomer will kickstart this new, unmissable biz to biz series on Instagram Live on July 6th with their Public Relations Officer, Shahad Ali, who will share with followers on practical tips to get started with PR and relationship building.

Shahad shared, “Unicomer (Trinidad) Ltd is excited to be a part of this project with Aegis Business Solutions. We are looking forward to connecting with business owners to share our knowledge to empower them for success. We look forward to simplifying and explaining what we do at Unicomer, and how these tips can bolster their business for success. Public Relations for example is not just for big businesses but can prove to be much more valuable for small business with big dreams.”


The line-up of webinar topics from Unicomer will cover all aspects of business including digital marketing, stock management and customer service building. In addition, Aegis will be delivering their Biz Hour session on June 29th covering ‘Sole trader vs. Limited Liability’ for those entrepreneurs who are now starting off and need clarity on the options to set-up their company.


Online registration and upcoming events will be advertised on Aegis social channels especially on Instagram Live @aegisbusiness and #SmallBiz Facebook group, www.facebook.com/groups/aegissmallbiz

All small business events will also be posted on the website – www.aegistt.com/events

If your business is interested in partnering with us on this venture, please get in touch via info@aegistt.com