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The success of any business is reliant on how its staff is treated and valued, says entrepreneur and 2021 business hall of fame inductee Angela Lee Loy.

“Angie,” as she is known, told Business Day her success was not achieved by the amount of effort she put into her business ventures, but rather the commitment that was placed on people.

Lee Loy is regarded as one of the most profound and reputable business leaders, visionaries and women entrepreneurs in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean, but she does not see it that way.

Rather, she explained that her successes were because she believed that doing good unto others would find a way to bring rewards in the long run.

Starting from her childhood, Lee Loy said she never thought of herself as anyone special or one who could make a difference.

Born in the 1950’s and growing up with six siblings in Barataria, she said she always struggled with her academics and described herself as a slow learner.

Despite their family challenges, she said her father Leolin, a health inspector and mother Elaine, a clerk, provided for their needs as best as they could and ensured they kept a close bond.

“One of my siblings was diagnosed with Down syndrome and eventually passed away at age 64. He taught me about different qualities, such as patience, understanding, likes and dislikes. As family we are close, and I had a happy childhood. I did not realise we did not have money, but the fact is, it was never something to be concerned about.

“Parents’ involvement in their children determines their personality. And my parents were exceptional to us. They never put expectations on us to be anything but supported us to do our best at whatever it was. They’ve thought me to be a peacemaker and find the balance and medium in any situation.”

Lee Loy said during her primary school days at Nelson Street RC, she dreaded the day test results were being handed out because the teachers would call out them to the entire class.

So when her Common Entrance results came in and it was announced she had passed for St Joseph’s Convent in Port of Spain, she was shocked and wondered if the results had been mixed up.

“There were 30-something children in class and for sure my name was at the bottom. I honestly thought they switched my results, and I had a valid reason to think so. My mother prayed a lot, and I am convinced that was her prayers and the Lord’s intervention that I got those results.

“Then it dawned upon me ‘What am I going to this school for?’ I was scared.”

Lee Loy said nevertheless, it was there she decided to settle in and apply herself to the work and develop her skills.

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