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Covid-19 has revolutionized business operations. The business landscape has changed in multiple ways and we see the introduction of digitization, a change in work arrangements and new service offerings. One such service is Employee Engagement to cater for the hybrid work system.


Why employee engagement? 


The work from home and hybrid systems have definitely created a need for increased engagement in the work environment. Employees now grapple with burnout, isolation and that lack of human element.

Aegis is offering an advisory service that helps your business cater for both employee work from home and hybrid systems. We understand the restrictions in place, and it is difficult for companies to execute their normal engagement activities in physical spaces.


Aegis is offering an initial consultation to understand your company’s need and a possible engagement survey to help you understand what your employees are in need of. 


Whether you are work from home or a mix, our services can be tailored to meet your needs. We can definitely work with you to create that ideal engagement package for your company.


To book an initial consultation, please contact Adrian Parbhoo, Aegis HR at info@aegistt.com 

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