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August 3, 2021 – Aegis Business Solutions’ Chairman, Angela Lee Loy announced the appointment of Aleema Ogeer-Ali as Chief Operating Officer (COO) on July 1st, 2021, marking the company’s continuing efforts to strengthen their outsourcing services to local and international businesses based in the Caribbean.

Since the pandemic started in March last year, the company has successfully transitioned to operating in a hybrid model of remote work and in-office operations, ensuring businesses can continue to get business outsourcing support in accounting and tax, human resources, payroll, corporate governance services and audit. Aleema has been at the forefront leading the coordination of this transition.

She was the Head of Accounting & Strategy and has been with Aegis for almost two decades. Within this time, Aleema rose through the ranks in the Accounting Outsourcing service lines possessing extensive knowledge and experience in International Accounting Standards, Control Systems and Financial Management. 

Chairman, Angela Lee Loy shared, ‘I am pleased we have made this strategic move given our current times. Aleema has the respect of everyone at Aegis and I have watched her performance over the years. In addition, to her technical strengths, Aleema has solid communication skills and strong characteristics of integrity and self-awareness, which are critical for a leader in these times. I look forward to working with her more closely as we focus on improved efficiency and innovation across our 11 service lines to serve businesses in the Caribbean.’

Aleema leads a diverse team and has a strong track record of developing strategies for enhancing employee engagement, work culture improvement and seeking the best talents.  She has grown, directed and managed the accounting outsourcing division which contributes to up to 50% of the Group’s revenue and has serviced clients across the Energy, Financial, Marine, Manufacturing and Entertainment Sectors.

Aleema is a fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Trinidad and Tobago (ICATT).

Aleema shared, “I am committed to using my leadership and business acumen skills to drive organisational transformation, operations performance, and innovation in an effort to continue the positive growth trajectory and the development of all stakeholders at Aegis. I look forward to working with everyone.”


About Aegis Business Solutions​

Aegis is a business outsourcing and advisory services provider in Accounting, Tax, Audit, Payroll, Human Resources, Audit and Corporate Governance services in the Caribbean. Serving international and local clients across industries, Aegis’ services enable operational effectiveness to back-end office functions and help clients free their time in order to better manage and focus on their core service or product. Aegis has empowered clients with high performance solutions across several regional jurisdictions and through partnerships with global affiliates. Aegis is a member firm of Kudos International Network and exclusive representative for Trinidad and Tobago.