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Kudos International Network held its annual conference on May 25th and 26th with focus on recruitment and retention of employees. Aegis Business Solutions are members of this global accounting and auditing network that enables them to provide global expertise and solutions to clients based in the Caribbean region.

One of the key speakers this year, Wyn Morgan, business coach and mentor, delivered an excellent session on employee retention.

Our role as leaders at Aegis is pivotal, not only to look after the well-being of the business but our people.

Here are the key highlights for your thoughts and self-development as a leader:

1. Know the real reasons why people leave a company

A Gallup survey of 1 million showed that 75% of employees left their jobs because of their relationship with their line-manager.

2. What people need from a Manager/Leader

  • To be listened to
  • To be understood
  • To have empathy
  • To be flexible and fair
  • To account for them as human (not as a machine)
  • To feel valued: at least as much as clients

3. What matters most

  • Your goodwill towards them
  • Your presence

4. What can get in our way

A lack of ability to trust (including when working remotely)

  • A desire to control
  • Our insecurity
  • Listening to fix them/fix the situation
  • Listening to what we think about them

5. What to do about it

A genuine desire to care about them as a person

  • Being humble
  • Being authentic
  • Let go of perfection

It’s increasingly important that businesses explore strategies to reduce turnover as many businesses continue to operate in a hybrid model of work-from-home and office days.

To learn more about employee retention and engagement for your business, chat with our HR team, Adrian Parbhoo at info@aegistt.com

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