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Melissa Cobham

Melissa Cobham heads the Business Development Unit of The Aegis Group of Companies. She leads the Group’s growth and business strategies.

Before joining the Business Development Unit, Melissa led the internal arm of the Accounting Outsourcing Division. Melissa’s twenty plus years professional experience extends to accounting, transaction advisory, client management and strategy formation and implementation.

Melissa is a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA) who also holds a Heriott Watt Bachelors – Finance and Accounting. She was chairman of the Group’s inaugural and successfully launched Caribbean Corporate Governance Conference held in 2019; she also chairs many other public events hosted by the Group. She is presently the Treasurer of the Aegis Credit Union and an Officer of The Aegis Charity Committee.

A passion of hers is to continuously improve despite all odds.