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Meet Selwyn Bhajan, a trained life coach in Mind, Body Medicine from Harvard University.

2020 was a tough year for everyone. This year Aegis embarked on well-being for our staff and connected with Selwyn Bhajan to help guide our leaders and staff members to better manage their mental health and well-being.

Bhajan is a retired senior HR executive focused on brain-based leadership, emotional intelligence, mindfulness and stress management. Bhajan spent 16 years under the guidance of Indian masters learning Eastern principles such as mindfulness. With this knowledge, he eventually went into corporate life as he recognized people were becoming more vocationally competent without an equivalent increase in developing their soft skills. Selwyn discovered how the knowledge he had can be employed to solve this problem at work.

Through Selwyn’s guidance, Aegis continues to further develop three key areas with staff:

1. To introduce a brain-based leadership culture. Here, Aegis leaders are learning to fully develop their brain capacity in tandem with adopting traditional leadership skills.

2. Staff training sessions include learning to be more aware of themselves: more mindfully alert, more emotionally intelligent, learning to understand how to manage stress and address challenges.

3. Training group sessions or ‘champions’ to further teach passionate individuals how to be Mindfulness Instructors to ensure continuity throughout the organization

Accounting Outsourcing Manager and Head Champion for this Group initiative, Aleema Ogeer-Ali shared, ‘I have learnt so many things from Selwyn. But the most profound is slowing down to breathe, we take this simple act for granted, he says breath is our life force without it we die. Simply slowing down and using breath as my anchor brings clarity. It allows me the time to process and respond instead of react to scenarios. The only thing we can control is our response to scenarios that come into our space. Live in the now, this is the only thing we have control over.’

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