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Although at Aegis, we can manage your payroll, you may prefer to manage it in-house. We can also guide you through the measures and steps your payroll or finance managers and your IT team need to consider to safely operate your payroll, from sourcing the right platform to implementing processes and training.

Many businesses do not realize there are pre-steps and post steps you need to consider and often, they need someone to help them transition the staff to the new software to make it work successfully throughout the organisation. At Aegis, we break down the steps and work with a timeline with you when you want to
go live. Here are some of the steps we walk you through to ensure you are well equipped to implement new payroll software in your business:


Pre-Implementation steps

  • Meeting/Interview with staff and senior management to document current processes, challenges, and limitations
  • Liaise with Software Vendors and set demos and Q&A sessions. Configuration and customisation discussions
  • Documentation of proposed process recommendations
  • Prepare Cost Analysis presentation to Senior Personnel
  • Encourage user adoption via implementation awareness and timelines

Post Installation steps

  • Training and Testing: Arrange training for key users
  • Oversee Integration steps. Parallel payroll processing
  • Report any end-user challenges to Management
  • Implement Quality Control checks
  • Document new processes, policy documentation

If you have any questions or you need an initial consultation chat, feel free to contact our Tenille Harriott-Lewis at info@aegistt.com