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Employers should consider reviewing their employee benefits programs and policies related to health, wellbeing and leave with regards to COVID-19 coverage and business implications. 

 Here is a COVID-19 employee benefits checklist to review this month: 

  • Discuss accountability and other working arrangements for caregivers of the elderly and other  dependents
  • Determine new hires ability and  eligibility to access benefits/leave
  • Determine a  policy for  quarantine vs  sick leave benefit
  • Discuss industrial relations  (collective bargaining) implications  as it relates to organizational changes 
  • Communicate employee leave availability/type if diagnosed with COVID-19  
  • Determine leave availability/type if subject to quarantine due to family member with COVID-19  
  • Discuss with your team child care as a result of school closures due to COVID-19  
  • Update Return to work policies  
  • Update any flexible work hours/work at home policy (may include subsidy or reimbursement for critical office supplies)  
  • (Not sure if this is possible or feasible)
  • Update Bereavement leave  policy 
  • Ensure policies don’t disadvantage  employees for staying home from work if they are sick 


If you need support updating your company’s employee benefits scheme, please contact our HR Advisor, Joanna Debydeen at info@aegistt.com