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 The COVID – 19 pandemic has no doubt created lasting and transformational changes to our lives and the way in which we conduct business. A major change for companies is the use of technology in switching to a virtual operation in quick time with much emphasis on the work-from-home scenario in order to safeguard business continuity and survival of the organisation.

Aegis Business Solutions Payroll Manager and Client Lead, Tenille Harriott-Lewis shares how important it is for companies to review their internal operations and processes at this time now that your staff may be adapting to the ‘new normal’ virtual workspace.

Clarify what are your operational business processes

These are all your business’ logical and organised activities that are geared towards producing a specific service or product whilst adhering to all relevant standards and rules governing such operations. Simply put, it describes how the job is to be executed.

These processes must be documented and easily accessible to all relevant stakeholders for the purpose of effective operational execution and standardise delivery output. It is therefore important to have them reviewed on a regular basis to improve efficiency, provide up-to-date communication to all involved and for compliance and regulatory purposes.

The aim of any operational process must be directed to achieving the organisational goals whether it be outsourced or managed in-house.

Operational processes can be implemented in any area of your business including payroll, issuing of sales invoices and credit notes, or logging packages at reception.

These, routine but important tasks are related-links to the larger operations of the organisation’s eco-system. To determine if a process is effective, feedback and responses from all stakeholders involved are key elements in defining such, as communication plays a critical role in developing an exceptional operations process.

So why do we need effective operational processes?

  • Output Growth: It increases productivity and efficiency in your business which consequently saves time, increases profitability and enhance clients’ and investors’ satisfaction.
  • Operational continuity: An effective process allows business operations to run smoothly even when a new team member joins or there is absenteeism within the team. The transaction process is maintained and managed with little or no disruptions to the business operations.
  • Motivation: It can also improve work morale as it is focused on getting the job done right and may bring a sense of accomplishment especially to new team members.
  • Market-Share Growth: Well-documented processes have the possibility to increase market share for the company by churning-out larger volumes of work and having quicker response time versus its competitor, hence gaining competitive advantage.

At Aegis, our aim is to maintain exceptional client service delivery through continuous communication using cutting-edge technologies and best practice.  We understand the importance of data security and the confidence our clients entrust in us to guarantee their compliance with statutory bodies and contractual agreements with third parties are not infringed.

More specifically to our payroll service line, efforts are expended to ensure our payroll processes are comprehensive, concise, and clearly communicated. We are passionate about what we do as quality assurance is a top priority in our process.

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