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Indira Mohansingh celebrates 15 years of service this year at Aegis Business Solutions and although her role has evolved over the years, her conviction has not – Aegis is family.

Indira currently leads as the Senior Associate 1 in the Accounting department but remembers working in Payroll when she first entered into the company. Today Indira reminiscences about her experiences at Aegis and expresses her hope for the future.

Flexibility, support and love

Indira explained that ‘flexibility, support and love’ are the 3 qualities ingrained in Aegis’ culture that has kindled her loyalty to the company. ‘Aegis understands that there is give and take in everything’ says Indira who remembered that over the years, her friends, otherwise work colleagues, were always there to lend their support. She shared that Aegis operates just like any other family, there is lots of love and, almost inevitably, moments when we clash but at ‘the end of the day, we all laugh it out’.

Pivoting is Our Priority 

The economic situation in Trinidad and Tobago has admittedly been a cause of concern for Indira. Covid-19 has pushed businesses globally into survival mode, and at Aegis, the main concern is pivoting to ensure sustainability for our future – the company and the people of Aegis. Indira states that she has been encouraging her team members, that together we can make the extra effort and stick together.

Although employees are currently unable to meet together in large groups, Indira shared that one of the reasons Aegis is a family is the strong track record the company has of coordinating a range of activities like sports days, chow competitions and baby showers. She added, “Aegis holds high regard for the various ethnic and religious holidays – the company is immersed in celebrating all cultures.” Team members still welcome all the virtual activities that have replaced the traditional in-person events.

Head of Strategy and Accounting Outsourcing, Aleema Ogeer-Ali shared, “Indira is truly an individual that is strong in her faith and uses this to pivot any situation. She believes that life is a journey and every situation leaves you in a better place, learn from it, use it to bring awareness and change the lives of others through your actions.”

Here are Indira’s Top 3 Tips to effectively work as a team:

  1. Be honest with yourself and your work
  2. Engage young persons: they have ideas of their own
  3. Take the initiative and research how activities can be carried out more effectively.