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“The Hon. Mia Mottley, Prime Minister of Barbados was the key highlight at this year’s Energy Conference in Trinidad and Tobago,” says Chairman Angela Lee Loy. “She was brilliant on pushing the focus on Caribbean integration and supporting each other through collaboration. After all, we are all small nations but collectively we have greater bargaining power and able to leverage on each other’s strengths across the Caribbean region particularly when it comes to renewable energy,” she said.

How governments will work together and collaborate between islands is yet to be seen. In the meantime the private sector and SME’s can continue to strengthen and build strategic alliances across the region this year. One key avenue is through active participation and feedback through our chambers and associations such as The Energy Chamber, Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturer’s Association and TTCSI.  There are several trade missions and networking opportunities through our associations to meet other businesses and chat about strategic partnerships.

Equally it is important leaders and managers take the time to research and meet new contacts overseas. Building long-term relationships with potential suppliers, advisors and prospective clients are important on an on-going basis. Some global clients look at sales opportunities for the Caribbean and LATAM region as a whole and here is where integration is key amongst SMEs if the company plans to select one island as their head office catering services to the entire region.

View photos from the Energy Conference here on the Energy Chamber website https://www.ttenergyconference.photos/