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Meet Megan Apang, Aegis Payroll Practice Leader

Megan Apang manages the operations of Aegis Payroll Services department and has been operating within the Payroll Specialist area for over 15 years serving both local and international companies. Megan is proud of the good relationship she and her team shares and today offers advice for building a community in the workplace.

Has there been a change in your services since COVID-19?

COVID-19 has had a financial effect on most businesses. In some cases companies had to restructure and therefore opting to have their payroll outsourced. Megan has stated that the changing environment has triggered the Payroll Service to expand and evolve in order to meet the needs of clients. She maintains that the closed borders have had the biggest impact and she hopes that businesses can continue to sustain until our local economy improves for the benefit of all.

Be Innovative and Adapt

She encourages businesses to examine their service offering and research different services that can be offered to replace any lost revenue. Additionally, she urges business owners to be innovative and adapt to the new way of doing business in any way they can.

Honesty, transparency and trust is important.

When it comes to employee management, Megan recommends business leaders to take the time to ask for staff feedback before significant decisions are rolled out that affect employees. She encourages employees in the decision-making process and to help them understand how a decision may affect them. Interestingly, her employees span over several generations, yet age is not a barrier in the Payroll Department.

 Building a family community in the workplace has its benefits.

Here are Megan’s top tips:

  • Explaining the overall project goal to staff is extremely important. Employees are motivated towards a specific goal rather than just completing a task for the sake of completing it.
  • Regularly communicate with employees. Employees feel a sense of belonging once they are privy to salient information.
  • Help employees find a balance, recognizing that life is not only about work, ‘there needs to be a give and take’.
  • Engage in team building activities.

Taking time to re-charge is important

Megan believes taking time to re-charge is important. One of her biggest pieces of advice is to let go of those things you have no control over. She recommends to everyone to continue to do the things you love. Megan loves spending time with family and friends, and going on adventures.

Self-care is important and it is recommended to spend some quality time with yourself. Megan loves watching movies, listening to podcasts and completing jigsaw puzzles. She shares, that prior to COVID-19, she loved travelling overseas – to be recharged and ready for work when she came back. Now, she explores books on Audible, and enjoys inspirational movies that ‘make me feel like I can achieve anything’.

Aegis Director, Wendy Wong Won shares, ‘Megan can also play as hard as she works.  She knows how to have a good time and enjoy herself.  She attends all staff functions and participates in everything. She stands by her staff’s side, when they need defending and let them know when they are wrong. Her pleasant and inviting smile renders her as an approachable and trusting leader. Megan is an asset to Aegis and someone we all can be proud to be part of the same team. Thanks Megan!’

Chat with Megan about any of your payroll needs or perhaps team advice at info@aegistt.com